My First Blog Post

*Disclaimer I hated English in school so if you find grammatical errors I’m sorry in advance. With that out-of-the-way welcome chronic illness warriors! Why did I decide to start a blog you might ask? I started this blog to educate, raise awareness of different autoimmune diseases, and to tell the good, bad, and ugly of living with an invisible disease.
I start at my platform on YouTube just giving little educational tidbits here and there and daily living with chronic illness videos. Then I incorporated Instagram to that equation but I really did not provide a lot of educational content only to say I have a new video up on my channel. I feel when you have the platform to influence others it should be meaningful and provide some type of substance. So I decided to re-brand how my Instagram moves forward but also find ways to share my personal story and health issues to help someone else that may be going through the same thing. My goal is to put out 1-2 blog posts per month on specific topics dealing with chronic illness. I hope you find my blog helpful and know that I am always here if you have a question.

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