Let’s Talk Benlysta Infusion Vs Injection

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As we know our treatment options for Lupus are slim and finally having an approved treatment is awesome. This is my 3rd go-round with Benlysta and I feel by far the Benlysta autoinjector is better for me VS the infusion.

Here are the pros and cons of Benlysta Infusion:

Pros   Cons
It only once a month   The infusion took me 2-3 hours
In a control setting if you’ve reactions Very expensive cost my  $17K -$20k and I was stuck with a 20% coinsurance
    Flares worse for my week off and 3rd week before injection  

Benlysta AutoInjector –Weekly

Pros Cons
Don’t have lag flare feeling   Having to stick yourself
Cost is way cheaper for me than infusion. Cost me $8 a month for 4 injections    

Please check out my YouTube video where I go into more details.

Financial Assistance

Benlysta Gateway


HealthWell Foundation


Comment your experience with Benlysta ⬇ ( P.S. I still haven’t figured out how to respond to your comments Lol, but know I do read them 💜


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