Devotional Group

Hello Warriors,

I know I have been MIA from my blog for over a year and half, Lol. Someone tell me why me doing a blog was a good idea, Lol? I am learning not to set unrealistic expectations while living with chronic illness. 

God laid on my heart to do a devotional time with warriors that are going through the daily struggles. The devotional is written by warrior Leslie McKee on how to turn your pain into purpose.  If you would like to join me and other warriors starting October 3,2022, for a 7-day devotional, click the link below.

Finding Hope in Psalms for Living With Chronic Pain and Illness, with me?

Life Update Topics (Coming Soon): 

* Pancreas Stent

* Methotrexate 

* Mediport 

* Cervical Fusion 

* Time Management 

May your week be blessed and flare free! 


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