Lets Talk When Your Caregiver Gets Sick…

For many of us with chronic illness, we rely on help from our spouse/partner, family, or friends to help us with day-to-day living and tasks. So my caregiver is my husband who is also the caregiver for his adult daughter that has Cerebral Palsy. For the most part, he’s healthy other than high blood pressureContinue reading “Lets Talk When Your Caregiver Gets Sick…”

My First Blog Post

*Disclaimer I hated English in school so if you find grammatical errors I’m sorry in advance. With that out-of-the-way welcome chronic illness warriors! Why did I decide to start a blog you might ask? I started this blog to educate, raise awareness of different autoimmune diseases, and to tell the good, bad, and ugly ofContinue reading “My First Blog Post”